Subscription : Application for membership to the Community House may be made at any time. . Membership runs for a full 12 months. Subscribers are notified at least two weeks prior to the expiration of their membership. Renewals are due by the 15th of the following month. Memberships are not transferable. Membership privileges include free yoga classes, tai chi classes, zumba classes, water aerobics and martial arts classes for adults & children. There are also free basket- ball & soccer clinics and hip hop classes for children. Private swim lessons are available for members ONLY.

REgistration Form

The membership fees are as follows:

Application Fee: $ 75

Family Membership Full family membership privileges and eligible to participate in the after school program
$ 800
Special Family Membership Families with all children age 3 and younger
$ 675
  Families with all children (8th grade or higher up to age 25 )
  One Parent & One Child up to age 25  
Couples Membership  
$ 650
Single Adult Membership  
$ 500
Adult Basketball Membership
$ 200

Payment may be made by check or money order. Partial payments, or applications for subscriptions of less than 12 months, are not accepted. If you allow your membership to lapse and apply to return after a period of more than one year, a $75.00 reinstatement fee will be added to the normal fee charged. If your membership is lapsed for less than one year and you wish to re-subscribe, there is no reinstatement fee. All fees are non refundable.
All fees are non refundable.

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