Pool: The pool is located on the lower level of the Community House. Qualified and certified lifeguards are on duty to maintain order and follow safety rules. The N.Y.C. Department of Health inspects the pool annually and we are meticulous about following regulations. Members can even rent the pool for parties! Please contact the office if you are interested in renting the pool.

Guests: We welcome your guests at the CH, provided that you accompany them and are a member in good standing. In order to protect the value of your subscription, guests are permitted no more than three visits in a calendar year. The guest fee is $10.00 per person per visit.

ADVANCE NOTICE POOL SCHEDULE (For July 1 through August 16)
• Morning Adult Lap swim will end at 10:15 AM. Monday through Friday
• Adult No Lap will be from 1:30PM – 2PM ONLY. Monday through Friday
• Afternoon Family Swim will be 3PM - 4PM on Monday through Thursday and 4PM - 7:30PM on Fridays

The evening pool hours and Saturday pool hours will not be effected!
These changes are necessary to accommodate the Summer Program